Raptor Dash

A simple infinite runner game made in collaboration with an illustrator

Raptor Dash is an infinite runner game featuring the skeleton of a velociraptor that has come to life running through a museum. The aim of the project is to work with an illustrator to produce a complete game.

The first step I made is animating a dinosaur skeleton. I made placeholder bones, rigged them to a 2D inverse kinematics script, and used Unity's built in animator to create the run cycle below.

After that I made a simple prototype in which the dinosaur can dodge oncoming obstacles by switching between three lanes. If the dinosaur runs into in obstacle it will fall to pieces.

Once I had practiced a workflow for animating I started working on animating the final velociraptor, which had more joints in its legs, neck, and tail. The video below shows that I can manipulate IK targets, combined with Unity's animation system, to create a more complex run cycle.

After further development we ended up with audio, camera shake, lives, slow motion crashing, and an animated game over menu showing high scores.

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