Flexible Variants

An extension for Spree to include products that are cut to order

This is an extension for Spree commerce that enables inventory management of products that are cut to order (e.g. fabric).

Spree flexible variants was originally created for shop.cwilt.co.uk, an online quilting fabric and haberdashery shop that I built and maintain.

The merchant wanted to cut four different shapes of fabric from a bolt (thin quarter, fat quarter, half metre and metre), but Spree does not provide the means to express stock in this way. So I created this extension to solve that issue.

Stock Management page of a product showing that its stock is counted in units

Each product has the option, Flexible Variants, to sell variants at different sized cuts. The number of flexible units is the total number of the smallest size you can sell.

From a 10m bolt of fabric:

Size Units
Thin quarter 1
Fat quarter 1
Half metre 2
Metre 4

There are forty quarter metres in ten metres, therefore the total number of units is 40.

Product page showing what happens when there's not enough stock to proceed with an order

The extension also affects the customer facing front-end. The total number of units remaining, and the unit amount for each variant, is shown. When the customer tries to enter a combination of variant and quantity that is higher than the total number of units the button is disabled, turns red, and reads "Not Enough Stock".

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